Peekaboo Perch Tent Medium

The Peekaboo Perch Tent will be sure to keep your angel nice and cozy and will also help them feel safe and secure.  The tent is made with a very soft fleece material.  The outside has a colorful pattern while the inside is calming yellow.  The inside has a 3/4" dowel allowing them to easily go to the bathroom and not make a mess in the tent.  It also has some pieces of leather to nibble on and some plastic hearts to play with and don't forget the bell to ring!!

They can be hung in your birds cage with a quick link.  Quick link is included.

Peekaboo Perch Tent Medium

Medium Size: Conure and Caique size

11 L X 6 W in. approx.
Perch is approx. 5" wide

$ 19.00 each