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Feeding Our Feathered Friends

Feeding Our Feathered Friends

Each day we select the best nutrition we can provide for our feathered pals. Cages come with food dishes that are enormous compared to the bird in the cage. There are basically two types of owners, one fills the dish each day and the other puts a specific amount of food in the dish each day. Are you the fill that dish up fairy or the observant monitoring food filler? Many owners over feed their special pals only because the dish is there so why not fill it up? Your pal has you well trained. He picks through his dish of goodies, finds all his favorites and eats through those in seconds. Later he will go back and pick through his next favorite items throughout the day and then wait. The next day the food fairy empties, refills and the game starts all over again. If you're an observant bird owner, you put a regular daily amount of food in your bird's dish that will be eaten during a 24-hour period. You watch and adjust until you get the proper amount that is consumed. Each bird requires a different amount depending on his daily activity levels. The rule of thumb for our flock is smaller birds receive roughly a quarter cup of food per day and larger birds receive roughly a half cup per day with adjustments as needed. Filling a dish by observing your birds' actual consumption allows you to train your bird to eat a balanced diet with less waste.

When you overwhelm your bird with a huge dish of food, you're allowing him to set the rules of nutrition, to pick and choose and wait for refills. Providing the best nutrition only works when it gets into all those beaks.

As for the specialty warm snacks and foods we provide, serve no more than 1 teaspoon to smaller birds and no more than 1 tablespoon to larger birds and adjust from there. You want them to eat it all and not have so much that they pick and choose favorites again. Smaller amounts assure more nutrition consumed, allowing for a more nutritionally balanced diet getting into those beaks. Being an observant feeder is letting your bird think he's making all the choices to eat well. We won't tell them we actually have them in training to eat properly so they live a long and healthy life.

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