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Avian Naturals is proud to present our "JUST SAY NO!" line of parrot food mixes. No more hidden additives, no more hidden chemicals, no more hidden preservatives, no more artificial colors, no more added sugars and most importantly---a label with the ingredients listed completely. All of our ingredients are naturally processed to ensure your fid the best quality available. These mixes contain either dehydrated, freeze dried, naturally dried or fresh ingredients. After the ingredients are packaged, the label will contain a "use by" date to assure freshness. All nutrients in the dehydrated or freeze dried veggies remain in tact and are not lost through any method of heat processing. The only thing missing is the water content. You pay for all quality product and not water content. Dehydrated and freeze dried foods double, triple and some even re-hydrate 5-6 times their original weight. It is cost efficient for you and the highest quality nutrients you can provide your fids. Our dried fruits are naturally processed without any sulfur and only fresh grains, seeds, nuts and dehydrated or freeze dried veggies are used in the mixes. All ingredients are the highest quality available. Never any pet quality ingredients used.


Our mix will look unusual to you at first glance. No vibrant coloring in dried fruits normally treated to appeal to the consumers eye, only naturally dried fruits without any sulfur dioxide or added sugars. Sulfur dioxide can increase hyperactivity, aggressiveness, feather shredding or picking allergies in any species of bird especially if they have allergic tendencies. Our mix is prepared with a focus on your birds health needs and not to look attractive, although it does look and smell wonderful. Always feed a variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, sprouts and the freshest purest mixes you can find. Many companies are now making dried fruits their first 5-6 ingredients in their daily food mixes. Your birds are consuming more sulfur dioxide than ever before because its more readily available to them. Help your fid to help himself, by not supplying them with large amounts of sulfur dried fruits. If you've ever had an allergy problem to anything, you know how frustrating and uncomfortable your life became. Birds also have allergies and you can help them conquer theirs. Read labels carefully or ask the manufacturers for information. "JUST SAY NO!"


Store only what you feel will be used within a few days in suitable containers and refrigerate the remainder. Replace as needed. A good rule of thumb with any type of food your providing, especially during the humid weather. Treat your bird's food as you would your own, with the same kind of care. Never over buy your food supply. Serve only fresh and naturally processed foods. Say "No" to all the hidden additives not listed on the labels of other parrot foods.

Stop food allergies in their tracks---

Your fids depend on you and your decisions---their lifespan is literally in your hands!! Don't let them down.

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