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7 Layer Salad Parrot Recipe

Birdie Recipe: 7-layer salad for all sized parrots and birds

Most people know that parrots need to eat fresh healthy foods as a staple in their diet, but if you a have a few larger birds or a larger sized flock prepping all that food everyday can be really time consuming. A solution? Make this 7-layer salad once a week or a smaller batch for less birds. You can alternate different ingredients for the layers based on what’s in season, and it keeps in the fridge for a week! You can pare down amounts for the amount of parrots you are feeding. Use a glass bowl with cover or a large plastic bin with cover. This is a great mix of a variety of nutrients.  Make enough for a couple of days or a week—your choice--be creative. Grad some of each layer when serving and you can even top with your birds favorite nuts. Do not leave in cages more than two hours.

Layer 1 (bottom layer) - chopped greens, which are varied each week. One week, I’ll use collard greens and parsley and mustard greens, and the next I might use Swiss chard, kale and dandelion greens.

Layer 2 - chopped (¼ to ½ inch cubes) green vegetables, including any of the following: Brussels sprouts, zucchini and other summer squash, red or green peppers, fresh hot peppers, green beans, fresh peas, cucumber, celery, anise root, etc.

Layer 3 - chopped broccoli and shredded fresh carrots

Layer 4 - dry, uncooked small elbow pasta or your parrots favorite pasta. This will absorb some of the moisture from the mix and soften nicely.

Layer 5 - cooked beans. I usually buy one of the 13 or 17 bean soup mixes, which I soak overnight, rinse, and then bring to a boil and cook for about 25 minutes, then drain. Alternately, you could use cans of beans, which are already cooked.

Layer 6 - a mixture of chopped apples, seedless oranges and whole grapes--no seeds or pits

Layer 7 - frozen mixed vegetables.

The containers are then placed in the refrigerator (don’t freeze).

Issues of freshness:  this mix stays fresh in these tubs for up to seven days for three reasons. First, layered salads stay fresher longer. Second, the orange juice filters down and slightly acidifies that mix. The frozen mixed vegetables placed on top super-cool the mix immediately (cold air sinks/warm air rises).

I do also wash all the fruits, vegetables and greens with Oxy-fresh Cleansing Gel or produce wash, which not only gets them clean but also has some anti-bacteria action.

This is a great treat anytime of the year!!

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