These toys are extremely limited we only have 1 or 2 of the listed toys, please don't order larger quantities as we will have to substitute!

Please remember: Always supervise your bird with new toys and inspect old toys regularly for worn or frayed parts.
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Alfalfa Sprouts OCIA Certified Organic
Alfalfa Sprouts 1/2 LB
Alfalfa Sprouts

Ingredients:  Organic Alfalfa Sprouts

Unit is 1/2 lb

$ 5.00 each unit
Balsa Stack C-107 (C-107)
Show your bird you love them with the hearts of the balsa stack. This toy has soft wood squares to chew with plenty of bright heart beads to play with and a stainless steel bell at the bottom.

C-107 Balsa Stack Toy

6 1/2 in. L X 2 in. W

$ 9.95 each
Bloomers G-68 (G-68)
Do not let your bird be caught with his bloomers down!! Not one but two wiffle balls, durable and bright daisy rings, over sized marbella beads. And did we forget to mention the veggie tanned leather and pacifiers as the side dish to this magnificent entree. You can easily add more wiffle balls if your bird destroys these.

G-68 Bloomers Toy

15 in. L X 7 in. W

$ 18.50 each
Curly Gurly C-118 (C-118)
Colorful slinky straws to tug on, seagrass rope to chew on, a plastic spin wheel to make those plastic rings and links move around. Your bird will have a blast with this one.

C-118 Curly Gurly Toy

8 in. L X 4 in. W

$ 9.95 each
Domino Circle C-136 (C-136)
Leather circle as a base with donut beads, plastic dominos, plastic character and a bell at the bottom. This is a great new toy for your birds cage. There is a little bit of everything in this toy!

C-136 Domino Circle Toy

5 1/2 in. L X 2 1/2 in. W

$ 8.99 each
Groovy Gizmo D-75 (D-75)
Groovy pieces of wood strung on rolled paper rope and held by a chain. Hide some small treats inside the grooves to make your new toy even more interesting. Colorful wood pieces, shapes stacked for picking and chewing/preening fun for your parrot.

D-75 Groovy Gizmo Toy

18 in. L X 16 in. W

$ 29.99 each
Rings and Things C-110 (C-110)
This toy is for the smaller birds. Held together by a soft piece of wood this toy has various colorful plastic mini shape links including plastic stars, plastic rings and triangles attached to the links, they can even tug on the neon plastic string, grab onto the plastic spin wheel or ring the stainless steel bell. So many options.

C-110 Rings and Things Toy

6 in. L X 2 in. W

$ 11.50 each
Twister BC-23 (BC-23)
The Twister toy will fascinate your big guy with all its moveable parts and especially ringing the bell for your attention!

BC-23 Twister Toy

14 in. L X 7 1/2 in. W

$ 28.95 each
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