These toys are extremely limited we only have 1 or 2 of the listed toys, please don't order larger quantities as we will have to substitute!

Please remember: Always supervise your bird with new toys and inspect old toys regularly for worn or frayed parts.
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Birdy Bella G-117 (G-117)
Your feathered friend can count on fun with Birdy Bella! Not one but FOUR strands of hanging madness...filled with oodles of bright ringlets, pacifiers and animal shapes. Ringing entertainment is in store for your pet birdy with stainless steel liberty bells. For small birdies. Comes in various color combinations. Stainless steel parts.

G-117 Birdy Bella Toy

6 in L X 3 in W

$ 12.95 each
Busy Birdie Play Perch C-146 (C-146)
A ten inch chewable plate that you attach to the side of a cage with a pear link. Put on the perch attachment that is included and hang it in your birds favorite area for playing. Perch is 6 inches long with a ½ inch diameter. Many hours of chewing and shredding entertainment on this one. Playful tubes, munch ball with shredded paper inside, bamboo chewable sunflower, a munch colored star held on with a leather strip, plastic beads and baubles and munch rounds. This is great toy with lots of interesting things to get and keep your birds attention! For small to medium sized birds that love shredding.

C-146 Busy Birdie Play Perch Toy

10 in. L X 10 in. W

$ 22.95 each
Circus Big Top Large G-105 (G-105)
Oodles of seagrass, rawhide, colorful beads and pine woodpins combine to provide an enticing assortment of textures for curious beaks. Plastic clowns and beads under the seagrass canopy in a three ring circus of fun.

G-105 Circus Big Top Toy

14 in. L X 6 in. W

$ 28.95 each
Fourth of July W-8 (W-8)
This toy has many options. Plastic chains in various colors, plastic square beads and barrel beads, wooden spools and a cute little bell to ring!!! Hours of enjoyment!!

W-8 Fourth of July Toy

10 1/2 in. L X 1 1/2 in. W

$ 9.95 each
Pitter Patter G-116 (G-116)
Pitter Patter has it all for your small feathered friend---seagrass for shredding, plastic lace for preening, mini foot pins for chewing and plastic shapes for beaking. For small birdies.

G-116 Pitter Patter Toy

7 in H x 5 in W

$ 7.50 each
Sense-ational G-113 (G-113)
Vine globes, wood and vivid plastic rings adorn a swirled leather toy base. Ringing fun is in store, with only the touch of a beak on the stainless steel liberty bell.. Stuff the vine globes with fun treats for foraging fun.

G-113 Sense-ational Toy

11 in. L X 3 1/4 in. W

$ 16.25 each
Twister BC-23 (BC-23)
The Twister toy will fascinate your big guy with all its moveable parts and especially ringing the bell for your attention!

BC-23 Twister Toy

14 in. L X 7 1/2 in. W

$ 28.95 each
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