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Afternoon Fun C-17 (C-17)
Afternoon fun for your little guys. Pauley rope, assorted beads, plastic pacifiers, vegetable tanned leather, preening balls, plastic golf balls, plastic sticks, assorted wood blocks. I think we've got a hit assortment of things to do here!!

C-17 Afternoon Fun Toy

11 in. L X 4 in. W

$ 12.95 each
Bagel Bites 3" (Item#30----Unit 4 Pieces)
3 inch Birdie Bites for destroying or toy making in assorted colors.

Bagel Bites 3"
Item# 30

3 in. L X 3 in. W
Unit 4 pieces

$ 3.25 each unit
Bagel Cluster BC-34 (BC-34)
A birdie bagel chewing toy. Tons of birdie bites, links, plastic tubes and a ringing bell on plastic chain. Hours of chewing fun. This is a very cool toy!

BC-34 Bagel Cluster Toy

7 in. L X 3 in. W

$ 11.99 each
Birdy Bella G-117 (G-117)
Your feathered friend can count on fun with Birdy Bella! Not one but FOUR strands of hanging madness...filled with oodles of bright ringlets, pacifiers and animal shapes. Ringing entertainment is in store for your pet birdy with stainless steel liberty bells. For small birdies. Comes in various color combinations. Stainless steel parts.

G-117 Birdy Bella Toy

6 in L X 3 in W

$ 12.95 each
Busy Birdie Play Perch C-146 (C-146)
A ten inch chewable plate that you attach to the side of a cage with a pear link. Put on the perch attachment that is included and hang it in your birds favorite area for playing. Perch is 6 inches long with a ½ inch diameter. Many hours of chewing and shredding entertainment on this one. Playful tubes, munch ball with shredded paper inside, bamboo chewable sunflower, a munch colored star held on with a leather strip, plastic beads and baubles and munch rounds. This is great toy with lots of interesting things to get and keep your birds attention! For small to medium sized birds that love shredding.

C-146 Busy Birdie Play Perch Toy

10 in. L X 10 in. W

$ 22.95 each
Chain Gang C-19 (C-19)
Vegetable tanned leather strip with a wooden spool, strands of plastic chain, barrel wood beads and wooden chew blocks, beads, baubles and stainless steel bells on a stainless steel link.

C-19 Chain Gang Toy

14 in. L X 2 1/2 in. W

$ 10.95 each
Circus Big Top Large G-105 (G-105)
Oodles of seagrass, rawhide, colorful beads and pine woodpins combine to provide an enticing assortment of textures for curious beaks. Plastic clowns and beads under the seagrass canopy in a three ring circus of fun.

G-105 Circus Big Top Toy

14 in. L X 6 in. W

$ 28.95 each
Create Your Own 4 Pound Mix
Make your own 4 pound mix.

You must choose 16 ingredients to create this mix.  They will be divided into 4 ounces per ingredient.

Here is your list to choose from.

Barley, Millet, Flax Seed, Rye, Oat Groats, Regular Rolled Oats, Red Hot Peppers Whole, White Beans Freeze Dried, Black Beans Freeze Dried, Kidney Beans Freeze Dried, Lentils Freeze Dried, Corn Freeze Dried, Peas Freeze Dried, Corn Yellow Dent, Wasabi Peas, Edamame Beans, White Potato, Sweet Potato, Carrots, Broccoli, Green Beans, Pineapple Diced, Papaya Diced, Mango Diced, Raisins, Dates, Banana, White Mulberries, Soy Nuts, Chopped Nuts No Peanuts, Chopped Nuts with Peanuts, Whole Nuts No Peanuts, Whole Nuts with Peanuts, Almonds Shelled, Almonds in Shell, Walnuts in Shell, Pecans in Shell, Brazil Nuts in Shell, Pistachios, Macadamia Pieces, Filberts in Shell, Sunflower Seeds, Sunflower Kernels, Pumpkin Seeds, Pumpkin Kernels, Elbow Pasta, Egg Noodles, Apricots, Goji Berries, Blueberries

Please be advised these will need some time to create they will not be able to ship out the same day. 

Create your own 4 pound mix 

$ 54.00 each

<strong>Choose 16 Ingredients</strong>
Encore G-131 (G-131)
Allow your avian friend to indulge with this delightful toy filled with over 55 various toy parts consisting of hardwood bowls and colorful shapes to nibble on. Knotted with 100% natural cotton rope.

G-131 Encore Toy

14 in. L X 6 in. W

$ 25.95 each
Avian Naturals Fancy Soak and Cook Mix
Fancy Soak and Cook 1 1/2 LBS
Fancy Bean Soak and Cook Mix

Ingredients: Dehydrated Peas, Rough Rice, Wheat, Barley, Buckwheat, Corn, Oat Groats, Lentils, Beans, Dehydrated Carrot.

Directions: Soak in cold water overnight. Drain and rinse add one part mix to two parts boiling water.  When water returns to a boil, reduce heat and simmer while covered.  Cook stirring occasionally until beans are tender.  Drain and cool before serving. Refrigerate any unused portion.
Can be cooked in larger amounts and frozen in zip lock freezer bags and then heat bag in boiling water when ready to serve.

Can be offered to all sized birds.

Protein: 20.20 Fat: 8.50 Fiber: 4.30 Ash: 2.20
Avian Naturals Fiesta Brunch Mix
Fiesta Brunch
Fiesta Brunch is a colorful combination of the best freeze dried and dehydrated ingredients of essential dietary components for building a healthy and strong immune system. Our Fiesta Afternoon Brunch (FAB) is rich in calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A and protein.

Calcium is a very important component to all bird diets and should be provided in abundance. Many of the calcium rich ingredients are also high in Vitamin A.

Omega-3 fatty acids are the key building blocks for every cell in the body and are also important for the assimilation of fat-soluble vitamins. These are the vitamins that cannot be absorbed properly without essential fatty acids.

Vitamin A is essential for your bird’s continuing health. Beta-carotene is a red/orange pigment found in fruits and plants, and it is the precursor to this important vitamin. Once consumed, the liver turns the beta-carotene into vitamin A and stores it for future use. The darker the flesh of the vegetable or fruit, the higher beta-carotene content. Vegetables can be fed raw but are sometimes more digestible if lightly steamed.

Proteins are the building blocks of every cell in our birdies bodies and the only way to acquire many of the amino acids needed is through diet.

All ingredients in the FAB mix were chosen because they provide the essential dietary components of high nutritional value for your feathered friend.

No additives or preservatives, only premium human grade ingredients. Simple to prepare and easy nutrition for you to provide. FAB has been a huge hit here! Feces may turn pink to red because of the colors of veggies being used.

Directions: Add equal parts mix to boiling water, cover and let steep for approx. 10-15 minutes or until liquid is absorbed or drain off any excess water. Cool for a few minutes and serve. One tablespoon per bird should be plenty for an afternoon or anytime warm snack.

Ingredients: Tri-Colored Couscous, Carrots, Beets, Organic Flax, Blueberries, Cranberries, Apples, Organic Oat Groats, Goji Berries, Pumpkin Kernels, Sweet Potato, Cinnamon Chips, Tomato Flakes, Red and Green Bell Peppers.
Fourth of July W-8 (W-8)
This toy has many options. Plastic chains in various colors, plastic square beads and barrel beads, wooden spools and a cute little bell to ring!!! Hours of enjoyment!!

W-8 Fourth of July Toy

10 1/2 in. L X 1 1/2 in. W

$ 9.95 each
Its A Parrot Thing Magnet
It's A Parrot Thing, You Wouldn't Understand!

This attention getting rectangle magnet not only is stylish but will help hold up those important notes you need to keep in your view!

It's A Parrot Thing Magnet

2 in. L X 3 in. W

$ 6.95 each

***Please note this is not for your birds***
Little Guy C-40 (C-40)
Vegetable tanned leather, mini plastic colorful star, birdie bagels, pacifiers, beads and wood blocks hanging from a stainless steel quick link.

C-40 Little Guy Toy

13 in. L X 2 1/2 in. W

$ 12.99 each
Parade G-137 (G-137)
Oodles of fun textured and colorful parts and chewy wood crayons all strung together with brightly colored Paulie Rope.

Designed to stimulate your birdy physically and challenge them mentally. Bumps on the pickle tubes will entice your birdy to come and play. Parts move freely on the toy for added pleasure.

It`s time to get your PARADE on!

G-137 Parade Toy

7 in. L X 6 in. W

$ 15.95 each
Peekaboo Perch Tent Medium
The Peekaboo Perch Tent will be sure to keep your angel nice and cozy and will also help them feel safe and secure.  The tent is made with a very soft fleece material.  The outside has a colorful pattern while the inside is calming yellow.  The inside has a 3/4" dowel allowing them to easily go to the bathroom and not make a mess in the tent.  It also has some pieces of leather to nibble on and some plastic hearts to play with and don't forget the bell to ring!!

They can be hung in your birds cage with a quick link.  Quick link is included.

Peekaboo Perch Tent Medium

Medium Size: Conure and Caique size

11 L X 6 W in. approx.
Perch is approx. 5" wide

$ 19.00 each
Pitter Patter G-116 (G-116)
Pitter Patter has it all for your small feathered friend---seagrass for shredding, plastic lace for preening, mini foot pins for chewing and plastic shapes for beaking. For small birdies.

G-116 Pitter Patter Toy

7 in H x 5 in W

$ 7.50 each
Schools Back Foot Toy F-21 (F-21)
Bright colored plastic pickled tubes, wooden pencils and rubber rings attached to sisal string. This will keep them studying!

F-21 Schools Back Foot Toy

2 1/2 in. L X 3 in. W

$ 3.50 each
Sense-ational G-113 (G-113)
Vine globes, wood and vivid plastic rings adorn a swirled leather toy base. Ringing fun is in store, with only the touch of a beak on the stainless steel liberty bell.. Stuff the vine globes with fun treats for foraging fun.

G-113 Sense-ational Toy

11 in. L X 3 1/4 in. W

$ 16.25 each
Avian Naturals Snack Attack Treat Mix
Snack Attack Treat Mix 1 LB
Snack Attack Treat Mix

A wonderful snack mix created for sharing experiences with your fid.

Ingredients: Banana chips, Raisins, Papaya, Pineapple, Diced Apples, Cranberries, Freeze Dried Corn, Freeze Dried Peas, Wasabi Peas, Soy Nuts, Organic Sunflower Kernels, Pumpkin Kernels, Whole Mixed Nuts and Peanuts.

A snack mix for any occasion. You can't go wrong with this mix.
All free of sulfur, preservatives and additives.
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