Medium Toys

The toys in this section are for medium sized birds. Many toys are interchangeable between sizes so please read the descriptions carefully as the images are for representation only.

Please remember: Always supervise your bird with new toys and inspect old toys regularly for worn or frayed parts.
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Link Chew D-44 (D-44)
Two large plastic spinner cores loaded with beads, baubles, plastic links, spools, birdie bites threaded on vegetable tanned leather and poly rope and hung by a stainless steel quick link.

One pound of chewing fun!

D-44 Link Chew Toy

13 in. L X 8 in. W

$ 24.95 each
Lucky Shamrock D-80 (D-80)
This lucky shamrock will bring loads of luck for your feathered friend!! The leather shamrock is accented with loads of plastic assorted beads, spin wheel, a plastic pacifier in the middle, a soft wood block to chew on and preening rope to tug on! 
A variety of things to play with on this toy!!

D-80 Lucky Shamrock Toy

10 1/2 in. L X 6 in. W

$ 13.75 each
Mat Play D-57 (D-57)
Shreddable mat, large plastic links, 2 inch birdie bites, plastic sticks with beads and baubles.

D-57 Mat Play Toy

11 in. L X 9 in. W

$ 15.95 each
Mat Tease D-46 (D-46)
Seagrass mat with cotton supreme strands with beads, baubles, wooden shapes, plastic keys and rings. Preen, chew and play!

D-46 Mat Tease Toy

11 in.diagonal L X 8 in. W

$ 16.95 each
Medium Mopsy D-58 (D-58)
A wiffle ball with lots of fancy beads, small acrylic spools and chewing wood, all on paulie rope with a stainless steel pear link.
A swinging toy!

D-58 Medium Mopsy Toy

9 in. L X 7 in. W

$ 17.95 each
Mystery Chew D-54 (D-54)
Yards and yards of cotton supreme rope loaded with plastic sticks, wood chew tubes, plastic tubes, and beads. A great preening toy with lots to pick and pull. All on a stainless steel quick link.

D-54 Mystery Chew Toy

13 in. L X 8 in. W

$ 29.95 each
Pacifier Fun D-23 (D-23)
Loads and loads of colorful pacifiers on plastic chain with stainless steel pear link and washers attached. Makes a great rattle toy.

D-23 Pacifier Fun Toy

10 in. L X 2 1/2 in. W

$ 11.95 each
Paddle Play D-85 (D-85)
A wooden paddle as the base of this toy topped with plastic pacifiers. Chunky birdie bites move up and down the paddle and colorful pieces of wood to chew on!

D-85 Paddle Play Toy

17 in. L X 5 in. W

$ 19.99 each
Party Platter BC-43 (BC-43)
Rubber base with lots of plastic spinners and birdie bites for chewing, plus a large bell for ringing!!

BC-43 Party Platter Toy

11 in. L X 9 in. W

$ 28.95 each
Pick N Preen D-28 (D-28)
Pick N Preen the afternoon away! Large plastic wiffle ball center with beads, baubles and porcupine balls on vegetable tanned leather strips and cotton supreme rope. Large wood blocks to chew and 2 bells to ring. Stainless steel pear link. Preen or busy play for your birdie.

D-28 Pick N Preen Toy

11 in. L X 7 in. W

$ 14.95 each
Pigtails D-73 (D-73)
Vegetable leather tanned strip with bright colorful transparent beads to spin, chunky bagel bites to chew, and two bells to ring. This toy has plenty of hard wood you have wheels, tubes and a stick! Don't forget when they want some preening time there are strands of cotton supreme rope. I think we've got a hit assortment of things to do here for your feathered friends!!

D-73 Pigtails Toy

15 in. L X 4 in. W

$ 24.95 each
Ping Pong D-16 (D-16)
Vegetable tanned leather, porcupine balls, hard and soft wood, birdie bagels, plastic beads and baubles. This toy will spin around for your baby.

D-16 Ping Pong Toy

12 in. L X 5 in. W

$ 12.99 each
Preening For Prizes D-25 (D-25)
3/4 inch plastic link chain loaded with Cotton Supreme strands and Pauley Rope, wood pieces, beads, baubles, spinning nuts and bolts with a bell on the bottom. Stainless steel pear link included. Lots of busy work here!

D-25 Preening for Prizes Toy

10 in. L X 5 1/2 in. W

$ 23.95 each
Rag Mop Beads D-74 (D-74)
This toy is a preening dream!! Lots of cotton supreme rope and colorful transparent beads. Your fid will spend hours with this one!!

D-74 Rag Mop Beads Toy

15 in. L X 4 in. W

$ 15.95 each
Rattler Ring F-36 (F-36)
Transparent colorful plastic pipes that connect into a square.  Inside there are plenty of plastic stars and circles. They love holding this toy and shaking it constantly. Gives great rattle sounds. This is a cool toy!!

F-36 Rattler Ring Foot Toy

2.75 in. L X 1 in. W

$ 5.50 each
Ring Find D-42 (D-42)
Multiple strands of cotton supreme rope loaded with beads, baubles, birdie bites, rings, plastic keys, plastic links, wooden stars and wooden hearts hung from a stainless steel pear link. Core is a large colorful plastic spinner wheel.

D-42 Ring Find Toy

11 in. L X 6 in. W

$ 15.95 each
Ring The Bell D-34 (D-34)
Pretty heavy duty beads/baubles/spintop and colorful wooden chewing blocks on vegetable tanned leather strips, hanging from a stainless steel pear link with a large stainless steel ringing bell at bottom. Your birdie will love this bell!

D-34 Ring the Bell Toy

9 in. L X 5 in. W

$ 14.95 each
Ringing Bells D-26 (D-26)
Core colorful plastic sticks, large hexagon wood blocks, beads, baubles and jingling birdie balls hanging from vegetable tanned leather strips on a stainless steel pear link. Your birdie will love swatting these around and chasing the jingles!

D-26 Ringing Bells Toy

9 in. L X 5 1/2 in. W

$ 14.95 each
Rings and Balls D-56 (D-56)
Loads of plastic links, 2 inch birdie bites, beads, heavy duty dangling ring and 3 wiffle balls to swing around.

D-56 Rings and Balls Toy

8 in. L X 7 in. W

$ 18.50 each
Scooters Wheels D-72 (D-72)
This toy has plenty to do. Your fid can ring the bell, spin the wooden wheels and brightly colored transparent beads, and chew on the chunky bagel bites. All held together with a leather strip!

D-72 Scooters Wheels Toy

6 1/2 in. L X 3 in. W

$ 9.95 each
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