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Toys for all sized parrot fun!

Built by hand each and every one of our toys are tested for safety and quality. We use only premium quality materials.

What is best for our feathered companions should be taken seriously. We consider it an honor to provide you with first quality products!! Many toys are interchangeable between sizes so please read the descriptions carefully as the images are for representation only.

Toy Parts for the creative!

Locating the best in toy parts from the USA! Hundreds of items to choose from. Plastics, ropes, wood, shreddables, stainless steel, beads, and baubles. Color safe parts and ropes for all your parrots new toys.
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Porkies Smiley Drilled (Item# 983----Unit 3 Pieces)
Colorful smiley porcupine drilled balls for toy making projects!!

Porkies Smiley Drilled
Item# 983

1 1/2 in. approx.
Unit 3 pieces

$ 3.00 each unit
Pots of Fun C-90 (C-90)
Mini wood pots with lots of beads on veggie tanned leather.

C-90 Pots of Fun Toy

10 in. L X 2 1/2 in. W

$ 10.50 each
Power Beaks E-21 (E-21)
Cotton supreme rope, heavy duty beads, pacifiers, stars, C-links, spinners, colored wiffle balls, marbella rings and large wooden chunks. Lots of reusable parts on a stainless steel link.

E-21 Power Beaks Toy

24 in. L X 8 in. W

$ 28.95 each
Preen N Play C-47 (C-47)
Great preening toy for the little ones. Lots of beads, baubles, wooden flower pots, cotton supreme rope strands all on pauly rope with two ringing bells.

C-47 Preen N Play Toy

12 in. L X 4 in. W

$ 9.95 each
Preening For Prizes D-25 (D-25)
3/4 inch plastic link chain loaded with Cotton Supreme strands and Pauley Rope, wood pieces, beads, baubles, spinning nuts and bolts with a bell on the bottom. Stainless steel pear link included. Lots of busy work here!

D-25 Preening for Prizes Toy

10 in. L X 5 1/2 in. W

$ 23.95 each
Preening Mopsy C-61 (C-61)
Yards of Cotton Supreme rope with small beads intertwined throughout for a preening wonderland, attached to a center strand of Pauley rope with a stainless steel pear link. Your fid will spend hours preening and playing with this toy!

C-61 Preening Mopsy Toy

12 1/2 in. L X 5 in. W

$ 25.95 each
Puzzled C-77 (C-77)
Yellow golf balls with hardwood pieces and plastic beads and shapes, all hung on pauley rope with a bell for more fun. Stainless steel pear link included.

C-77 Puzzled Toy

7 in. L X 4 in. W

$ 11.95 each
Rag Mop Beads D-74 (D-74)
This toy is a preening dream!! Lots of cotton supreme rope and colorful transparent beads. Your fid will spend hours with this one!!

D-74 Rag Mop Beads Toy

15 in. L X 4 in. W

$ 15.95 each
Ragamuffin G-61 (G-61)
Sisal ropes and supreme cotton for preening pleasures. Bright, colorful beads, stainless steel washers, chain and link on an oversized colored whiffle ball. Assorted colors, all beautiful!!

G-61 Ragamuffin Toy

13 in. L X 7 in. W

$ 24.00 each
Rainbow Slinky 3" (Item# 545----Unit 1 Piece)
Rainbow plastic slinky for toy making for the smaller fids. Attach beads and baubles and quick link to your cages. The little ones love the more baubles you put on them.

Rainbow Slinky 3"
Item# 545

Length Varies X 3 in. W
Unit 1 piece

$ 1.99 each unit
Rattler Ring F-36 (F-36)
Transparent colorful plastic pipes that connect into a square.  Inside there are plenty of plastic stars and circles. They love holding this toy and shaking it constantly. Gives great rattle sounds. This is a cool toy!!

F-36 Rattler Ring Foot Toy

2.75 in. L X 1 in. W

$ 5.50 each
Ribbonwood Toy Building Core (Item# 224----Unit 1 Piece)
Approximate 8" long piece of ribbonwood with an eye hook to use as a core to build your own toy, and two holes already drilled out for you. You add the rope or leather and baubles for your fid.

Ribbonwood Toy Building Core
Item# 224

Approximate 8 in. L X 1 in. W
Unit 1 piece

$ 5.00 each unit
Ring Blocks C-94 (C-94)
Thin wood pieces and plastic rings to jingle all on veggie tanned leather with a stainless steel pear link.

C-94 Ring Blocks Toy

7 1/2 in. L X 2 1/2 in. W

$ 5.95 each
Ring Find D-42 (D-42)
Multiple strands of cotton supreme rope loaded with beads, baubles, birdie bites, rings, plastic keys, plastic links, wooden stars and wooden hearts hung from a stainless steel pear link. Core is a large colorful plastic spinner wheel.

D-42 Ring Find Toy

11 in. L X 6 in. W

$ 15.95 each
Ring My Chimes C-55 (C-55)
Center white plastic small wiffle ball on pauley rope with 1/2 inch hexagon wooden blocks and chew tubes. Beads, baubles and a bell for even more fun on a stainless steel pear link.

C-55 Ring My Chimes Toy

8 in. L X 5 in. W

$ 7.95 each
Ring Pull C-80 (C-80)
Three yellow golf balls loaded with plastic rings and hardwood shapes that pull back and forth. A jingling toy on a stainless steel pear link.

C-80 Ring Pull Toy

9 in. L X 3 in. W

$ 13.95 each
Ring The Bell D-34 (D-34)
Pretty heavy duty beads/baubles/spintop and colorful wooden chewing blocks on vegetable tanned leather strips, hanging from a stainless steel pear link with a large stainless steel ringing bell at bottom. Your birdie will love this bell!

D-34 Ring the Bell Toy

9 in. L X 5 in. W

$ 14.95 each
Ring Toss E-27 (E-27)
An all hardwood chewing toy. Thick wooden tire wheels and the center pieces have large piece of wood and rings that move up and down on 1/4 inch leather strip. Cotton Supreme ropes for preening and a large clanging bell for noise.  Great chewing and preening toy!! Well over a pound of wood.

E-27 Ring Toss Toy

21 in. L X 6 in. W

$ 22.95 each
Ringing Bells D-26 (D-26)
Core colorful plastic sticks, large hexagon wood blocks, beads, baubles and jingling birdie balls hanging from vegetable tanned leather strips on a stainless steel pear link. Your birdie will love swatting these around and chasing the jingles!

D-26 Ringing Bells Toy

9 in. L X 5 1/2 in. W

$ 14.95 each
Rings 2" (Item# 39----Unit 2 Pieces)
Brightly assorted colored plastic rings for toy making.

Rings 2"
Item# 39

2 in. L X 2 in. W
Unit 2 pieces

$ 2.00 each unit
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