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Get your single ingredients here!! We offer only ingredients that are, freeze dried and natural. We do not use pet quality ingredients or any GMO ingredients. Our ingredients are free of preservatives, additives, artificial coloring and sulfur dioxide.
Simply natural and fresh food!!

You have your favorite foods and so does your Fid! Find their favorite must haves here!

Did you know some of these ingredients are on this page because you asked for it? If there is a single ingredient on your wish list, just ask and maybe it will make the page!!

Remember variety is the key. Please use the single ingredients in moderation when giving your feathered friend their favorites!
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Freeze Dried Kidney Beans
Kidney Beans Freeze Dried 4 OZ
Kidney Beans Freeze Dried

Ingredients:  Kidney Beans Freeze Dried

Unit is 4 oz

$ 7.50 each unit
Macadamia Pieces
Macadamia Pieces
Macadamia Pieces

Ingredients:  Macadamia Pieces

Superior Quality Macadamia Pieces Unsalted.

A special treat for all your greys, toos and macaws
Mangos Diced Dried Unsulfured
Mangos Diced Dried Unsulfured 1/2 LB
Mangos Diced Dried Unsulfured

Ingredients:  Mangos Diced Dried Unsulfured

Unit is 1/2 lb

$ 7.25 each unit
Millet Hulled Organic
Millet Hulled 1 LB
Millet Hulled

Ingredients:  Organic Millet Hulled

Unit is 1 lb

$ 3.50 each unit
Oat Groats Organic
Oat Groats 1 LB
Oat Groats

Ingredients:  Organic Oat Groats

Unit is 1 lb

$ 3.25 each unit
Freeze Dried Okra
Okra Freeze Dried 4 OZ
Okra Freeze Dried

Ingredients:  Okra Freeze Dried

Unit is 4 oz

$ 17.95 each unit
Papaya Diced Dried Unsulfured
Papaya Diced Dried Unsulfured 1/2 LB
Papaya Diced Dried Unsulfured

Ingredients:  Papaya Diced Dried Unsulfured

Unit is 1/2 lb

$ 6.99
Freeze Dried Peas
Peas Freeze Dried 4 OZ
Peas Freeze Dried

Ingredients:  Peas Freeze Dried

Unit is 4 oz

$ 6.25 each unit
Pecans in Shell Organic
Pecans In Shell 1 LB
Pecans In Shell

Ingredients:  Pecans In Shell

Unit is 1 lb

$ 9.95 each unit
Pineapple Diced Dried Unsulfured
Pineapple Diced Dried Unsulfured 1/2 LB
Pineapple Diced Dried Unsulfured

Ingredients:  Pineapple Diced Dried Unsulfured

Unit is 1/2 lb

$ 6.99 each unit
Pineapple Tidbits Dried Unsulfured 1/2 LB
Pineapple Tidbits Dried Unsulfured
The tidbits are larger pieces than the diced pineapple

Ingredients:  Pineapple Tidbits Dried Unsulfured

Unit is 1/2 lb

$ 5.50 each unit
Pistachios in Shell Organic Unsalted
Pistachios In Shell Unsalted 1/2 LB
Pistachios In Shell Unsalted

Ingredients:  Pistachios In Shell Unsalted

Unit is 1/2 lb

$ 8.25 each unit
Pumpkin Kernels 1/2 LB
Pumpkin Kernels

Ingredients:  Pumpkin Kernels

Unit is 1/2 lb

$ 6.00 each unit
Pumpkin Seeds in Shell Avian Naturals
Pumpkin Seeds In Shell 1 LB
Pumpkin Seeds In Shell

Ingredients:  Pumpkin Seeds In Shell

Unit is 1 lb

$ 9.00 each unit
Raisins Large Dried Unsulfured
Raisins Large Dried Unsulfured 1/2 LB
Raisins Large Dried Unsulfured

Ingredients:  Raisins Large Dried Unsulfured

Unit is 1/2 lb

$ 4.25 each unit
Red Hot Peppers Whole 2 OZ
Red Hot Peppers Whole

Ingredients:  Red Hot Peppers Whole

Unit is 2 oz

$ 3.00 each unit
Rolled Oats
Rolled Oats

Ingredients:  Rolled Oats
Freeze Dried Scrambled Eggs
Scrambled Eggs Freeze Dried 4 OZ
Scrambled Eggs Freeze Dried

Ingredients:  Scrambled Eggs Freeze Dried

Unit is 4 oz

$ 16.95 each unit
Avian Naturals Sunflower Seeds in Shell Organic
Sunflower Seeds In Shell
Sunflower Seeds In Shell

Ingredients:  Organic Sunflower Seeds In Shell
Sweet Potatos Diced
Sweet Potatos Diced 1/2 LB
Sweet Potatoes Diced

Ingredients:  Sweet Potatoes Diced

Unit is 1/2 lb

$ 4.95 each unit
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