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Beads 5/8 Inch With Large Hole (Item# 454----Unit 20 Pieces)
5/8" Heavy duty iridescent balls with large holes for your toy projects in assorted colors.

Beads 5/8" With Large Hole
Item# 454

5/8 in. L X 5/8 in. W
Unit 20 pieces

$ 4.00 each unit
Beads Alpha Block (Item# 111----Unit 25 Pieces)
Alpha blocks with holes suitable for small leather or string for toy making in assorted colors.

Beads Alpha Block
Item# 111

1/4 in. L X 1/4 in. W
Unit 25 pieces

$ 3.00 each unit
Beads Assorted Animal (Item# 31----Unit 20 Pieces)
Brightly colored plastic animal and other shapes for toy making. Cats, elephants, feet, boats, chicks, fish, airplanes, giraffe and hearts.  Lots of bright colors and shapes.

Beads Assorted Animal
Item# 31

1 in. L X 1/2 in. W
Unit 20 pieces

$ 4.50 each unit
Beads Donut (Item# 35----Unit 25 Pieces)
Brightly assorted colored donut beads for your toy making.

Beads Donut
Item# 35

1/2 in. L X 1/2 in. W
Unit 25 pieces

$ 3.25 each unit
Beads Heavy Duty Oval (Item# 1153----Unit 5 Pieces)
1" Oval plastic beads for destroying or toy making in assorted colors.

Beads Heavy Duty Oval
Item# 1153

1 in. L X 1/2 in. W
Unit 5 pieces

$ 4.75 each unit
Beads of Fun Foot Toy F-16 (F-16)
Paulie rope foot toy with colorful plastic animals and beads with a bright solid wood ball in the middle.

F-16 Beads of Fun Foot Toy

7 in. L X 1 in. W

$ 4.75 each
Busy Beads C-48 (C-48)
Big ole colorful plastic chewing star with center line full of many moveable wood pieces to chew with 12 strands of beads, poppers, plastic chain, animal beads all on pauley rope with a stainless pear link. So many toys to play with and keep your fid busy for hours. Various colors.

C-48 Busy Beads Toy

11 in. L X 5 in. W

$ 18.95 each
Circle Beads Foot Toy F-41 (F-41)
Cotton supreme rope foot toy with plastic beads and wooden circles.
**This is for your smaller birds**

F-41 Circle Beads Foot Toy

6 in. L X 1 in. W

$ 3.75 each
Pacifier Chain C-74 (C-74)
Plastic chain filled with plastic links, moving beads, pacifiers on a stainless steel quick link. A climb and play toy.

C-74 Pacifier Chain Toy

10 in. L X 2 in. W

$ 13.95 each
Pony Beads and Tiny Tubes 1/4 LB (Item# 300----Unit 1/4 Pound)
1/2 Pound of pony beads and small tubes for your toy making fun. Assorted colors.

Pony Beads and Tiny Tubes 1/2 LB
Item# 300

Unit 1/4 pound

$ 5.00 each unit
Stars and Beads Toy H-80 (H-80)
Wooden stars with colorful large pony beads attached to vegetable tanned leather.

H-80 Stars and Beads Toy

6 in. L X 1 1/2 in. W

$ 7.99 each
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