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This is the place to check out for any new toys we have in stock.  We also place the toys here that are some of our favorites. We hope you enjoy the selections. Come back soon as they are changed monthly.

Please remember: Always supervise your bird with new toys and inspect old toys regularly for worn or frayed parts.
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African Grey Credit Card Holder
This ultra slim wallet is gorgeous.  The african greys are absolutely stunning in this wallet.
This will fit about 10 credit cards and some cash.  You can use this as a gift card holder for all your bird loving friends!

African Grey Credit Card Holder

3 1/2 in. L X 2 1/4 in. W

$ 12.95 each

***Please note this is not for your birds***
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Animal Chew E-22 (E-22)
Large chunks of chewing wood, cotton supreme preening rope, two inch birdie bites, and loads of plastic chew-up pieces and reuseable beads and bauble pieces to rebuild.

E-22 Animal Chew Toy

18 in. L X 7 in. W

$ 26.95 each
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Bagels N Beads Busy Station C-129 (C-129)
Natural branch wreath loaded with lots of picking and preening spots for your favorite little birdie. Small birdie bites, crinkled paper strips, colorful beads and chewing twigs with a baby noise maker for even more fun. A great toy for the active small parrot mind!

C-129 Bagels N Beads Busy Station Toy

8 in. L X 8 in. W

$ 19.99 each
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Bail Handle Foot Toy F-40 (F-40)
Your birds will get quite the workout with this toy! Vegetable tanned leather, wooden circles, bagel bites, bright colored plastic beads and a wooden bail handle as the center piece. Oh my!!

F-40 Bail Handle Foot Toy

6 in. L X 1 1/4 in. W

$ 4.00 each
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Chain Basket C-63 (C-63)
A Seagrass basket of preening fun. Lots of beads, baubles, straw tubes, snowflake wood shapes, plastic 1/2 inch colorful dangling chain for chewing and playing. Lots of Cotton Supreme and Pauley Rope and even a bell to ring! Center core plastic golf ball. Great toy for the little guys. Lots to keep them entertained plus stainless steel pear link included.

C-63 Chain Basket Toy

11 in. L X 4 1/2 in. W

$ 17.95 each
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Avian Naturals Flavor Blasters Variety Bag
Flavor Blasters Variety Bag
Flavor Blasters Variety Bag includes each of the following:

2 Ounces of Pumpkin Pie Flavor Blaster
2 Ounces of Mulling Spice Blend Flavor Blaster
1 1/2 Ounces of Herbs De Provence Blend Flavor Blaster
2 Ounces of Garam Masla Blend Flavor Blaster
2 Ounces of Chinese Five Spice Blend Flavor Blaster

5 Packages in total, one of each flavor!!

Variety bag is 9 1/2 ounces total

$ 16.95 each bag
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Flower Pots C-104 (C-104)
Small flower pots with porcupine flowers, porcupine preening balls, and fancy beads, all hung on pauly rope.

C-104 Flower Pots Toy

11 in. L X 4 in. W

$ 12.95 each
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Leather Bird C-135 (C-135)
Your bird will love having a friend in their cage. This toy is adorable you have a leather bird as a base with plenty of brightly colored small plastic animal, heart, star and circle links, a pacifier, and a bell at the bottom.
Fun Fun Fun!!

C-135 Leather Bird Toy

6 in. L X 3 1/2 in. W

$ 5.99 each
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Little Leaves C-159 (C-159)
Wooden maple leaves with plenty of pony and donut beads all on poly rope with a pear link.

C-159 Little Leaves Toy

6 1/2 in. L X 2 in. W

$ 5.95 each
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Over the Rainbow Sr D-65 (D-65)
Over the rainbow has plenty of pieces to play with. Between the bagel bite, the sunburst wheels, vibrant beads, hard wood blocks, colorful wood, and the stainless steel bell all held together by leather strips they will not know what to chew first.

D-65 Over the Rainbow Sr. Toy

14 in. L X 8 in. W

$ 23.95 each
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Preening For Prizes D-25 (D-25)
3/4 inch plastic link chain loaded with Cotton Supreme strands and Pauley Rope, wood pieces, beads, baubles, spinning nuts and bolts with a bell on the bottom. Stainless steel pear link included. Lots of busy work here!

D-25 Preening for Prizes Toy

10 in. L X 5 1/2 in. W

$ 23.95 each
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Rag Mop Beads D-74 (D-74)
This toy is a preening dream!! Lots of cotton supreme rope and colorful transparent beads. Your fid will spend hours with this one!!

D-74 Rag Mop Beads Toy

15 in. L X 4 in. W

$ 15.95 each
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Avian Naturals Snack Attack Treat Mix
Snack Attack Treat Mix 1 LB
Snack Attack Treat Mix

A wonderful snack mix created for sharing experiences with your fid.

Ingredients: Banana chips, Raisins, Papaya, Pineapple, Diced Apples, Cranberries, Freeze Dried Corn, Freeze Dried Peas, Wasabi Peas, Soy Nuts, Organic Sunflower Kernels, Pumpkin Kernels, Whole Mixed Nuts and Peanuts.

A snack mix for any occasion. You can't go wrong with this mix.
All free of sulfur, preservatives and additives.
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Spinners C-96 (C-96)
Birdie bites, beads, small pacifiers, lots of moveable/spinable links, cotton supreme, all hung on paulie rope with stainless steel pear link. A great toy for the little guys!

C-96 Spinners Toy

7 in. L X 3 in. W

$ 11.95 each
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Toodles G-26 (G-26)
Natural hard wood cups and balls, vegetable tanned leather and beads. Oh those beaks will love the balls in the cups!! Clank Clank. All Stainless hardware.

G-26 Toodles Toy

5 in. L X 4 in. W

$ 8.50 each
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