Breeders Blend

A Balanced Hookbill Diet for Large and Small Birds

After almost 30 years of owning and breeding parrots Breeders Blend has combined experiences, the knowledge of an AAV veterinarian and the expertise of a veterinary nutritionist to develop a revolutionary new parrot diet.

Cold Pelleted

Cold pelleting assures minimal to no nutrient loss during manufacturing. Studies have proven that natural nutrients are more readily absorbed than synthetic nutrients. Cold pelleting leaves the natural nutrients intact so that the need for synthetic nutrients is not so great. Currently most pellets are produced with one of two processes.
Extruded pellets are produced at temperatures between 400 and 650 degrees and afterward supplemented with synthetic nutrients sprayed on the outside of the pellet to make up for the damage that the heat has done to the natural nutrients, leaving the density of vitamins and minerals on the exterior of the pellet where it is easily depleted with exposure to ultra-violet rays and oxygen.
Steamed pellets which are produced using moderate heat, (around 230 degrees) use binders (added starches or clays) to hold the particles together. These starches break down into simple sugars. Lysine and other amino acids are the building blocks of the protein chain . An interaction between dietary simple sugars and lysine results in a chemical complex that makes lysine unavailable to the animal. Some manufacturers argue that the heat is needed to pasteurize the food and make it more digestible. Parrots have evolved over millions of years eating raw materials and their digestive systems have developed to metabolize raw food. The extrusion and steamed pelleting processes destroy many, if not most of the natural nutrients, leaving the pellet that is produced as simply a vessel to carry the synthetic nutrients to your bird. Because of the inherent risk of molds and mycotoxins in corn we do use roasted corn in this product. We feel that the risk outweighs the benefit with this one ingredient. Aflatoxins are the toxic byproducts of mold growth on certain agricultural commodities. We monitor the aflatoxin levels in this food very closely. The FDA has set industry standards for aflatoxins in feeds fed to meat producing animals. Since there are no standards specifically set for pets at this time we use these standards for guidelines. To view these standards click here and go to section 683.100. The latest analysis of Breeder's Blend showed that the aflatoxins were below detectable levels. Molds were also so low that they could not be identified.

Current research has proven that spirulina holds many health benefits for your birds. Studies have been made with spirulina on humans and other animals testing its immune system stimulating properties. These tests include bacterial, fungal, viral and cancer cell response to spirulina when ingested. This blue green algae also offers a rainbow of pigments to produce beautiful feather color and sheen. Spirulina manufacturers recommend 1/2% spirulina in your birds daily diet. Breeder's Blend is 1% spirulina blended throughout the pellet (not just added to the outside after processing) to assure that after supplementing with vegetables and your bird's favorite treats that they will get their recommended daily allowance of spirulina.

No added preservatives
The low fat level of this diet assures that if it is kept in a cool dry place, it should have a natural shelf life of at least a year. You should always feed your bird fresh food. It is not necessary to add artificial preservatives to extend the shelf life of this product. We manufacture only enough product to last about a month or two before it is sold. Mother nature put hulls and shells on seeds and grains to preserve them. The grains that are used in this product are left intact until just before processing. Some manufacturers are using ethoxyquin as a preservative which used to be used as a herbicide, is currently used as a rubber preservative in tires and may possibly be linked to health problems in birds and other animals.

High Quality Ingredients
Most formulated diet manufacturers use soy meal as a protein source. Soy meal is a very inexpensive unrefined protein source and tends to be difficult to digest resulting in the production of protein byproducts. Protein by-products must be excreted through the kidneys and excesses can create kidney problems. Breeder's Blend uses a lesser quantity of a high quality protein source, soy protein concentrate. Because it is much more refined it is also much more digestible, and more easily metabolized. Breeder /growth diets with high levels of protein (usually around 20%) raise concerns for the adult male bird who is consuming excessive levels of protein and has no uses for it, increasing the risks of kidney problems. Breeder's Blend has been developed to have sufficient levels of very digestible protein for egg production in females and proper development in young birds without the adverse effects to the adult males. This formulated diet can singly be used on pet birds as a maintenance diet as well as on breeders and young developing birds.

No Animal Proteins or by-products
Some manufacturers have said that animal proteins and by-products contain certain amino acids essential in the avian diet not found in any other food source. This statement should be revised to say any other cheap food source. Spirulina contains all of the amino acids that current research has shown to be essential in the avian diet. Spirulina is very expensive and can be damaged by the high temperatures that the other manufacturers are using during their processing. There has been a lot of controversy between the many pellet manufacturers about whether or not the avian digestive system can withstand animal proteins on a daily basis without causing damage. Realistically parrots do eat certain insects and grubs. They have also been observed eating on animal carcasses periodically, but not on a daily basis. Can their liver and kidneys deal with animal proteins on a regular basis? The jury is still out on that one. We have played it safe. We have used spirulina to make sure that your bird will get all of the essential amino acids without the risk of the potential damages that animal proteins may cause. There is also concerns for the quality of the animal proteins used in animal feeds. These are usually ingredients that can not meet human FDA standards and would be discarded if there were not an animal feed industry intact to purchase them.

The cold pelleting process allows us to implement certain ingredients that are heat sensitive. Manufactures of steam pelleted or extruded pellets can not use these ingredients because they would not survive their manufacturing processes.

Avian Specific ProBiotics
ProBiotics are good bacteria, sometimes referred to as normal flora. All living animals have good bacteria in their digestive systems to aid in digestion. During times of stress, illness or antibiotic treatment these essential bacteria can become depleted. Theoretically if the gut is full of good bacteria there is less opportunity for the growth of the pathogenic bacteria. We have added avian specific ProBiotics to Breeder's Blend pellets, so that even during times of stress, illness or antibiotic treatment your bird will constantly be supplemented with good bacteria.

Digestive Enzymes
An enzyme blend of protease, amylase, cellulase, lipase and pectinase has been added to Breeder's Blend pellets. Studies of this blend have shown that it hydrolyzes feed components to a more usable form, accelerates antibiotic absorption, increases bone structure and produces more muscle and less fat in boiler chickens.

 Breeder's Blend Pellets Guaranteed Analysis

Protein, Min. 15.00% Vitamin A 5,120 IU/lb
Fat, Min. 4.00% Vitamin D3 454 IU/lb
Fiber, Max 5.00% Vitamin E 9 IU/lb
Moisture, Max 12.00% Vitamin B12 5 mcg/lb
Calcium (C), Min. .50% Vitamin K 0.46 mg/lb
Calcium (C), Max. 1.00% Riboflavin 4.5 mg/lb
Phosphorus (P),ÝMin. 0.55% d-Panthenic Acid 6.8 mg/lb
Magnesium (Mg), Min. 0.19% Choline 454 mg/lb
Potassium (K), Min. 0.95% Niacin 34 mg/lb
Ash, Max. 6.00% Thiamine 2.27 mg/lb
Copper (Cu), Min. 3.0ppm Pyridoxine 4.50 /lbmg
Iron (Fe), Min. 90 ppm Biotin 90 mcg/lb
Manganese (Mn), Min. 75 ppm Folic Acid 0.9 mg/lb
Zinc (Zn), Min. 50 ppm a a
Iodine (I), Min. 0.3 ppm Methionine 0.40%
Selenium (Se), Min. 0.1 ppm Lysine 1.00%




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Avian Naturals Breeders Blend Parrot Pellets
Breeders Blend Pellets 1 LB
Breeders Blend Pellets:

Ingredients: corn meal, alfalfa meal, soy protein concentrate, rice, flaxseed meal, molasses, glucose solids, oat groats, calcium carbonate, spirulina (human grade), dicalcium phosphate, oil (coconut/vegetable), lecithin, potassium chloride, Llisine, HCI, cayenne pepper, salt, dl methionine, choline chloride, magnesium oxide, ferrous sulfate, zinc sulfate, manganous oxide, riboflavin, niacin, d-calcium pantothenate, dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate, menadione dimethylpyrimidinol busulfite, d-biotin, folic acid, copper sulfate, pyridoxine HCI, vitamin A acetate in gelatin, thiamine mononitrate, cholecalciferol (source of Vitamin D), vitamin B12 supplement, othylenediamine dihydriodide, sodium selenite, dried rhyzopus oryzae (a source of enzymatic activity), dried lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation product, dried bifidobacterium thermophilum fermentation product, dried bifidobacterium lonum fermentation product, dried enterococcus faecium fermentation product, dried bacillus subtilis fermentation product, calcium propionate.
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