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Avian Naturals parrot foods

. You might notice something different here. The foods are not your typical Parrot fare, and that's on purpose. You won't find us in retail stores, and again.. that's intentional.

Unlike other manufacturers, our food consists of nothing but natural food ingredients, no added vitamins, no preservatives or color enhancers, no added sugars.. nothing but nutritious food. Labels can be deceiving. The manufacturers are not required by law  to list ingredients that are already in the ingredients they purchase for addition into their mixes. Sulfur Dioxide is an excellent example of this. Unless the label states that the fruits are sulfur free... it's in there.  The fruits cost less, so it's used.

Another example of how we differ? One is that we use freeze-dried veggies as much as possible. Why? Not just because it provides the freshest most nutrient rich results.. but because it gets eaten! No more pea soup in your parrot’s water dish. This costs more, but when you think about what you are paying, for all those tossed peas and corn morsels.. and the nutrition not being utilized.. What is the cost really?

Another way we differ from most, we are not in retail stores. The foods are sold exclusively on the Internet. This allows us to make foods in small batches. It also allows us to hand pick suppliers with only the highest quality products. We don't have mass quantities to make and deadlines to live with, so we can ensure only the finest goes into each and every batch. We have total control over the product. We control everything from the sources and mixing, to the storage. No dusty bags of food from the warehouse here!

Avian Naturals is committed to consistently offering only the highest quality of products. All of the Parrot Mixes, are a combination of human grade, organic, freeze-dried and of course, all FRESH ingredients.

We never add a synthetic vitamin, preservative, color, or sugar.. it's just natural food.. and all the nutrition that come from pure fresh sources.

Avian Naturals, always says yes to quality and  “JUST SAY NO”, no  to additives, preservatives, coloring and sugar!


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  Avian Naturals 

In the continuing effort to bring you the best possible nutrition for your Parrots, Avian Naturals is a line of ALL NATURAL foods. The Just Say NO! Foods are preservative free, nothing added.  Your search is over for a food line that really delivers what it promises!

We have searched far and wide to bring you the best possible assortment of Safe and Stimulating Toys for your Flock.  The Toy Parts section now has over 100 items!  Everything from ABC blocks to Stainless Steel Quick Links. Hunting for new toys and parts is an obsession so check back often! 

  We have found beautiful Appliqués!  The Detail in these is incredible. Wear your parrot pride.

  Below is a list of things commonly found in your average parrot food… what’s in the food you are feeding your flock?

 Please enjoy your time here, and check back often as we are always adding new products! Happy Shopping.  


Things You need to know!

My love for fids goes beyond their obvious beauty, incredible intelligence or their often comical antics. They give unconditional love from their hearts, depending on us for companionship and good health, a challenge that has not been easy for the avian owner. 

I believe nutrition is the single most important factor in the quality of your fids life. Without it disease and illness occur with time. Second is providing toys to keep those busy, puzzling, and inquisitive minds occupied. We have a responsibility to our bundles of feathers to provide quality foods and toys so they can live to their potential lifespans. Purchasing a bird is a huge commitment to pursuing those foods and toys. Some things may be out of our control but we do have the means available in this millennium to provide a healthy diet and interesting toys for our fids. Educated bird owners know how much time and energy are spent on feeding their birds properly. Are you up to that challenge? Learn to read labels and know exactly what you are providing. Just like us, all birds need love, quality nutrition, sleep, clean air, fresh water, exercise, sunshine and both positive mental and emotional surroundings.

The truth is that most bird foods on the market today do little more than just sustain life. Most foods contain "pet-grade" ingredients, which are foodstuffs, actually rejected for human consumption. If it can't be sold or exported, they'll just give it to our pets. This means your birds may be eating "by-products", the generic description for beaks, feet, heads, claws, feathers, eyeballs, hair and hooves. Companies are permitted to use what are termed "4D meats", arriving at the slaughterhouse dead, diseased, dying or disabled. What we've been led to believe is high quality food is actually garbage. Garbage you would never knowingly feed your pets. Preservatives allow manufacturers to keep food on the shelf for a year or more, hardly to be considered fresh clean foods. Chemicals, coloring agents, artificial preservatives found in most foods could be creating serious health risks. A varied and balanced diet of clean, unprocessed fruits, (most dried fruits in mixes have sulfur dioxide, please ask your supplier if their fruit is naturally dried) vegetables, seeds, grains, and nuts will keep your birds happy, healthy and resistant to disease and degeneration, giving both of you a lifetime of pleasure.                              

           What's in your foods?
             Harmful ingredients
  found in pet products:

Sulfur Dioxide: A chemical preservative used in Dried Fruits to enhance color. Can cause allergies, itching, skin irritation, feather shredding or picking. Make sure your mixes have naturally dried fruits--manufacturers won't tell you its there...Always ASK!!!!

BHA: A preservative and potentially dangerous for the kidneys.

BHT: Used to retard spoilage and more toxic than its cousin BHA.

Ethoxyquin: A cancer causing substance.

Corn Syrup: Pure sugar. They can get addicted to this taste and will cause The "finicky eater" syndrome.

MSG: Flavor enhancer used to disguise inferior food quality. Known to cause brain and eye damage. High percentage of allergic Reactions in pets and people.

Proply Gallate: Chemical used to retard spoilage, found to cause liver damage.

Propylene Glycol: the chemical used in anti-freeze and a solvent for brake fluids. Used as a preservative and flavor enhancer in foods. Tastes very sweet.

Sodium Nitrate: A carcinogenic preservative and color enhancer. Produces mutagenic changes.

Sodium Nitrite: Harmful chemical preservative. A source of red coloring. People have died from overdose.

These are just a few of the "no-no's" to keep a watchful eye for. Digest all the information on cans, bags and boxes and make sure your pet gets the best available.

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